Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My trip to Arataki

                       The trip to Arataki                         
                              Learning(Part 1)                                      Today I went to Arataki. It took a long time to go there. We had to eat our morning tea there, also we had to spray our shoes. First we had to search and investigate bugs. Then we talked about a life cycle of a was very interesting.We went outside to look at the trees cause the tourist said they always bent to get some sunshine.Next we watched this video clip and I learned a lot.After that, It was lunch time.
Bush walk(Part 2)
First we had to rub our shoes on this brush. Then the tourist told us about what had happened years ago.So there was this farm they cut down trees and plants...And then we walked and walked until we reached how it looks like in 3015.But it would be hard to take care of it cause possums like to eat plants.Finally we went on the bus and went to school, it was really fun!

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