Sunday, May 31, 2015

Help me

Can you help me recommend some books in the comment box cause I need some books to read and if it is a good book I will read it and put it up on the blog.
                     Please go to the library 
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Middle School how i survived bullies,broccoli and snake hill

Bobcats were the enemy of Muskrat so it means the enemy of
Rafe Khachadorian.Legend was a very mysterious boy.
Rafe was in trouble lots of times and he was sent home.
Norman made Rafe read books and he is more into books now.
Leo(his twin brother- who is not alive) always had great ideas 
to wreck the Bobcats.

Mrs. Lane is a pain

The school made a school talent show which 
was called ella mentry got talent.The school has
not enough money to buy all the stuff he needs.
A.J has done a great job so will he win the mystery 
Rhyming book
 A very good book

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The lorax

The Once-ler chopped down truffula trees making
business for this Thneeds.What will happen to those 
truffula trees?The animals go away into a much more
cleaner place.
a very sad book
Fiction(but it might happen)

2 book reviews

These books are touchy ones too.Both of them are
just like That's not my mermaid but it is made 
out of cloth.

That's not my mermaid

If you like touching texture things this might be the right book for you.
Fiction(for babies)
a fun touching book


The Moodys won a trip to the aquarium.Sophie had also come together with Webster.
Instead they all came.Sophie's sister had to go home cause she was scared so does Sophie has to go home?
Very nice book

First baby book review

Wanna have fun read this book.
Best friends make her feel
Baby fiction
a good book(for babies.)
review a book on the comment box below and I will publish it .

Still Reading

Still Reading...
So far so good


The belfry witches fly again

The two belfry witches are very mysterious and the one cat.
The belfry witches made this baby talk to animals and only
this baby (human)can talk to animals.The evil witch always
has been in disguise.
Kids fiction
Also a very good book
Share your reviews and it will go on this blog

Friday, May 22, 2015

Book Review

Cat and the stinkwater war
It was her ballet she hold the stone hard.Her clothes fell around her thinking she was
a miniature her.What caused this little her?

Very adventurous 

Kids Fiction 
a very good book
Review a book in the comment box below

Another certificate!

Certificate for being a good blogger!

Anzac day

Anzac day is a very special day for Australians and New Zealand. They also have soldier nurses. The soldiers fought in Gallipoli. Nurses help the injured soldiers but they get killed because the Australians think it is not fair. Soldiers fought for their lives. They used guns and there was some planes. I feel very sorry but I'm scared to go. Anzac Day is for remembering the war!


Rivers splashing
Trees swaying side to side
Oceans sparkling clean 
Animals living
Plants growing
Sun heating
Everyone happy 
We love our planet!

Javan rhinoceros


Javan Rhinoceros 
Javan Rhinoceros is the most threatened animal in the world.It is only found in wildlife reserves in the west of the island of Java.

What are the dangers for the Javan Rhinoceros?
 People in Vietnam kill rhinos for their horns.The Javan Rhinoceros horns are actually made out of carotin. Their skin are very thick and baggy. People are one of their enemies. They display body parts too. Crocodiles and lions try to kill the babies but they usually get hurt. Poachers like to hunt for the Javan Rhinoceros.

Is anyone helping the Javan Rhinoceros?
Leila,Billy and Lisa are trying to help the Javan Rhinoceros.

Are efforts to save the Javan Rhinoceros  succeeding?
Scientists have tried to put babies in the wild but they kept on dying.Scientists have also tried to put adults in the wildlife but they stayed for 3 years.

What could I do to help them?
Go to different countries and put up posters.