Friday, December 15, 2006

More online kids' games

Hatch & Match
A cute dinosaur memory game.

Memory Match Game
Another memory game though not as cute as the dinosaurs!

Save the Apples
Math game

Dress up game

Friday, November 03, 2006

From Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama to ...

I opened the Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama online game for Naqib. Was hoping he would learn his alphabets ... Mimi recognised most of the alphabets when she was 2 and Naqib .. still not even one. But Naqib, being Naqib, was not interested at all, he was more interested in arranging his cars. To Naqib all vehicles are cars. When he opens a book, he can only see pictures of cars, lorries, buses, trains and all other pictures do not interest him. He'll start calling the cars, car, the lorries, car, and buses, car. When I tell him that it's a lorry/bus/tractor/etc. He would scream "NOOOOOOO Mum-my, it's car!!!!!!" He really got a one track mind!

Okay back to the Keyboard-O-Rama game, well, Mimi got interested for a while. Then, she navigated herself through Sesame Street's website and found some interesting printable coloring pages and some interactive stories. We read 3 stories together - Elmo goes to the doctor, A spotty day on sesame street and the lemonade stand. Mimi's favorite is the lemonade stand coz she learnt how to make lemonades and she had to count out the correct amount of pennies to buy the lemonade. I think I am going to get her some lemons so that she could make the lemonade for real.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mummy, can I have a pet?

My heart skipped a beat when mimi posed me this question. Then she went on and on about a Stanley and the pets he had. God knows who is Stanley but my guess is that he's a cartoon character either on NickJr or Disney channel.

Personally, I am not too fond of animals. Cute and nice to play with but too much trouble to care for. And when kids want pets, it almost always ends up where the moms have to step in and take care of the pets.

But not wanting to be horrible mom, I asked "What kind of pet do you want?"
mimi: "hmmmm .... aaahhh .... can I have a rabbit?"
me: "WHHHHHHAAAATTTT! no rabbits!" (that was in my head, ok)
me: "Are sure you want to keep rabbits? Their poop stinks you know and when you keep pets you have to feed and clean them. I'll take you to the pet store and you go smell the rabbit's poop, if you think you can handle it then I'll get the rabbit for you."
mimi: "okay"
me: "There are other pets you know, fish, tortoise and ... fish ... and tortoise .. or birds" (these are the only pets I could handle, no hamsters or rabbits, or cat please!)
mimi: "hmm .. if the rabbit's poop is too smelly, I think I'll have fish then"

phewww ...

Do your kids have pets? And what are the easiest pets to care for? All suggestions are welcome on what pet to get for my daughter :)