Friday, November 03, 2006

From Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama to ...

I opened the Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama online game for Naqib. Was hoping he would learn his alphabets ... Mimi recognised most of the alphabets when she was 2 and Naqib .. still not even one. But Naqib, being Naqib, was not interested at all, he was more interested in arranging his cars. To Naqib all vehicles are cars. When he opens a book, he can only see pictures of cars, lorries, buses, trains and all other pictures do not interest him. He'll start calling the cars, car, the lorries, car, and buses, car. When I tell him that it's a lorry/bus/tractor/etc. He would scream "NOOOOOOO Mum-my, it's car!!!!!!" He really got a one track mind!

Okay back to the Keyboard-O-Rama game, well, Mimi got interested for a while. Then, she navigated herself through Sesame Street's website and found some interesting printable coloring pages and some interactive stories. We read 3 stories together - Elmo goes to the doctor, A spotty day on sesame street and the lemonade stand. Mimi's favorite is the lemonade stand coz she learnt how to make lemonades and she had to count out the correct amount of pennies to buy the lemonade. I think I am going to get her some lemons so that she could make the lemonade for real.