Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A jet designer!

That is Naqib's answer to "what do you wanna be when you grow up" question :) Is there such designation? His answer is most probably inspired by his love for paper plane origami ... ha ha ha plus his high taste in cars ... he wants to buy Ferraris and Porsche and now Ironman's Audi ... and he now realizes that we can only buy him TOY MODELS :D

"Can I make lots of money if I build and sell a jet?" Such simplicity and innocence :) "Sure boy, you can but you really MUST study and work hard to be smart, listen to your teachers and do all your homework" Ha ha ha!

I played some youtube clips for him to watch and just put an end to one of his vision of him flying the jet. He watched it and commented on how dangerous the jet looked when in flight. Me think I am showing him the wrong clips :p I googled further and found this:

Kids: How do airplanes fly

Ok, Naqib boy. This is for you :)

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mumsgather said...

Funny, my boy would always ask me the same question as your paragraph 2 about making money and my reply is the same as yours too. lol. Only, you've got to subsitute it with "builder". :)